Photo Micha Auer





Period of activity:

from 1942


zoology / insects, architecture, creation, dance, war, fashion, still-life, nude, landscape, portrait, publicity, documentary, sociology, theatre


cinema, color, dye transfer, gelatin, black & white, panoramic, photomontage, platinum, pinhole


Germany, Egypt, United States, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala, Iraq, Iran, Eire (lreland), Jordan, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, Great Britain, Sudan, Switzerland




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1927  born on 9 October in Zurich. His father is a manager in a paper factory

1933-1939  primary school in Zurich

1939-1941  he studies at the Zurich Gymnasium

1941-1943  senior classes Oberrealschule) in Zurich

1942  he starts to photograph with a Rolleiflex which his father had just bought (romantic pictures, rivers in mist...). He wants to become a documentary film cameraman, but through lack of specialized schooling he starts a photography apprenticeship with Theo Vonow in Zurich

1944  his work moves in the direction of emotional and atmospheric research. He takes preparatory classes at the Kunstgewebeschule in Zurich where he meets his future wife Rita Dürmüller (born 20 fFebruary 1923)

1945  he studies in Hans Finsler's class at the Kunstgewebeschule in Zurich

1945-1948  apprentice cameraman at Central Film and Gloria Film in Zurich (film documentaries), diploma. Meets Jakob Tuggener. Takes pictures on the theme of Zurich between 9 and 12 o'clock. He researches movement

1947  3rd prize with pictures from his series 'Karussell' in the contest run by the monthly magazine Camera. Collaborates with the Victor-N. Cohen agency in Zurich

1948  first trip to Paris

1949  buys his first Leica. First one-man show and first book on the theme of trains. He spends three months in Paris where he meets Brassaï and Robert Franck, and then one month in London

1949-1951  he freelances for the Swiss press. Also works for Life. First advertising photos and commissions

1950  works as a photographer and editor at Züri-Woche for six months. Diploma at the contest of the Swiss monthly magazine Camera. Portraits of Marcel Marceau... in Paris

1951  he marries Rita Dürmüller on 13 October between catching two planes

1951-1953  he works for Black Star agency in London, Picture Post, Illustrated, Time, Life, Photography... and travels to Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda. He is war correspondent in the British army

1952  honeymoon in Paris with Rita, one year after their marriage. War correspondent to British troops in Suez Canal Zone. January 25th, Battle of Ismailia (scoop)

1953  first commission for the pharmaceutical industry with a color series, 'Our Workshops as Seen by an Artist'. His advertising and industrial color pictures earn him the title of 'Master of Color' in 1957 from Color Annual, Popular Photography. He travels less and devotes himself to color photography. Portrait of Beryl Chen in London

1954  publication of 'Das auge der Liebe' and 'The eye of love' taken during honeymoon (1952) in Paris 7 rue Vandamme Hotel, meant to be a photographic love poem for his wife Rita

1954-1955  has a studio house designed and built in Zurich according to hisown wishes by architect Willi Boesiger (former assistent to Le Corbusier)

1955  he produces the jubilee report for the firm Thomi & Franck in Basel (CH). Makes a particular effort to obtain good colors in illustration, annual reports, brochures for Swiss, German, Italian and British companies. Takes part in Edward Steichen's exhibition, 'The Family of Man' MoMA, New York and World

1955-1980  he works in color (advertising, industry...) with various processes (Dye Transfer, Ektachrome (including in-house development), Anscochrome, Cibachrome...) and in collaboration with a British agent from 1965-1977

1957  he produces the report for 50 years of the Knorr company (CH)

1959  creates a cinematographic company, Turnus Film(feature length films, advertising films, TV spots) with Hans Peter Roth-Grieder, which receives the Palme d'or in Cannes in 1963 (Volkswagen advert)

1960  receives prize and medal for Beispielhaft Auzeigengestaltung from Bayer Werbefachverbandes (CH)

1961  report for the 50 years of the Franke company, Germany

1962  one of 24 posters awarded: 'Face with match' for the Office against the prevention of fires in Bern, produced by W. Wermelinger, printed by Lithographie & Cartonnage S.A. in Zurich

1963  dye transfer in-house development of Ernst Haas Volkswagen promotion

1965  he is a judge with Rolf Winquist (advertising manager at Hasselblad) at the competition 'A Sign of Our Times' , organized by the German Cigar Institute in Bad Godesberg. Produces the book (Variation I' (possibilities of color photography)

1966  graphic prize from the Deutscher Gebrauchs Graphiker, Germany

1967  annual report for the company Bauer Getriebe-Motoren (D) which receives the Graphic Design Deutschland prize from the Grafischer Klub of Stuttgart (D)

1968  he produces 'Carousel Vision', the first Kodak slideshow (40 projectors and 20 screens) for the Photokina in Germany

1969  he produces the multivision 'Vitamin A' for F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel (CH)

1971  book, 'Variation 2' (possibilities of communication with the help of color photography). Multivision, 'Roche au travail' which wins a Swiss medal at the Tonbildschaufestival, Sweda Auszeichnung Multivision, Zurich, in 1972

1971-1972  he spends nine months in the U.S.A., Peru, Guatemala and Brazil. Takes photographs for Ciba Geigy, Elektrowatt and personal pictures

1974  he wins the Typographic Excellence prize from the Type Directors Club in New York (USA)

1976  since this date, he only uses the Cibachrome process for his prints. First montage attempts ('Fantasies' series)

1976-1979  industrial reports for Dresser Industries (USA) on the drilling platforms of the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S.A., Germany, Holland, France, Britain and exhibitions in Moscow, Tehran, Warsaw, London...

1976-1981  owned a flat in central LOndon for extended visits

1977  from this time on, he concentrates on researching different photographic processes (grain effects)

1978  four-week photographic walking-tour New York. Some photographs for crossfading montages 'Babylon-Babylon' series. He enters 10 photos for the 'Fantastic Photography in Europe' exhibition organized by Lorenzo Merlo

1980  8 full pages of surrealistic illustrations photographed in Crete (colour montages) for the bilingual edition of the book 'To Axion Esti - Gepriesen Sei' special book edition on Nobel prize winner for literature 1979 by the Cretan poet Odysseas Elytis

1981  sells his house-studio in Zurich, keeping there only lab facilities and a pied-à-terre

1981-1990  completes work on his 'Borie' in the south of France and begins stone constructions

1983  honorary member of the Swiss Union of Photographers

1984-1986  he produces 'Die Muschel/Hommage au féminin', a series of female genitals on a background of vegetables, minerals... in B/W

1991-1992  he prepares a retrospective exhibition and a book (graphic layout production) of his work, in collaboration with Michèle Auer and the Centre de la photographie in Geneva

1992  he participates in the RTSR program, 'Midi Public'

1993  he works on classifying his archives and his negatives. Series of photographic prints from so far unpublished subjects: Ireland and New York

1995  Honorary Menbership of Schweizerischer Photographenverband (Swiss Photographers Associaiton). Begins the series, 'Paris re-visited'

1995-1996  first portfolio, prints the series, 'L'Oeil de l'amour' (The eye of love) with twelve platinum prints

1998-1999  a number of visits to France, mainly to the Vosges where he aquires an old farmhouse to be renovated

1999  starts a series on the theme: nude

2001-2002  arranges the loft of his partly rebuilt farmhouse into a kind of studio, takes numerous nudes

2004  archival digital stoage of important negatives and colour slides. Forst digital printing on fine art paper

2006  receives the Schweizer Fotoschaffen Photo 06 Lifetime Award

2007  film 'Magie aus dre Dunkelkammer' by Phil Dänzer, broadcast by Swiss Television and European 3SAT

2013  his wife Rita Groebli-Dürmüller dies 10 January

2014-2018  several exhibitions, layouts for various photo books, including this Werkverzeichnis/Catalogue raisonné

2015  LIfetime Award by the Swiss Photo Academy

2017  godfather of 'Nuits photographiques de Pierrevert'

Personal Exhibitions


1922  La Filature scène nationale, Mulhouse (F) séries 1946-2002. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F)

1949  Anliker-Keller, Bern (CH) 'René Groebli fotos'

1954  Galerie 16, Zürich (CH)

1966  Galerie 58, Rapperswil (CH) 'Dye tranfers'

1978  R.I.P. Arles (F). Images Gallery, New York (USA). Galerie Portfolio, Lausanne (CH) 'Images de New York'

1979-1980  Fnac-Etoile, Paris (F) 'Rêveries sur New York' + Fnac (F). -80 Galerie Neufeld, St. Gallen (CH) 'Fantasies' + Galerie Dieuzaide, Toulouse (F) + Galerie Contact, Bordeaux (F). Limbach Galerie, Köln (D) 'Babylon, Babylon'

1983  Galerie Yves Humbert, Nyon (CH)

1984   Galerie Poseidon, Zürich (CH) 'Die Muschel'

1985-1989  Galerie Djélal, Isle-sur-Sorgue (F) + Galerie Yves Humbert, Nyon (F)

1989   Galerie Ideereal, Zürich (CH) 'Babylon, Babylon'

1991   Ex-Convento de la Merced, Tarazona Foto 91 (E) 'Retrospectiva 1946-1990'

1992   Centre de la photographie, Genève (CH) 'Photographies 1946-1991' + Mairie du Xe, Paris/Mois de la photo (F) 'Visions, photographies 1945-1991'. Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zürich (CH) 'Photographien 1946-1991'

1993   Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus (D). Bild Photogalerie, Aarau (CH) 'Sinnliche Bilder'

1995   Chapelle des Pénitents bleus, La Ciotat (F) 'Magie du Rail' + Saint-Gervais Photo, Genève (CH) + Museo Ken Damy, Brescia (I)

1996   Photosynkyria 96, Zita Mi Gallery, Thessaloniki (GR) 'L'Oeil de l'amour'. A la librairie, Paris (F) 'Platinotypies. Das Auge der Liebe'

1997   Mamiya Galerie, Bienne (CH) & Karen Harris

1998   Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris (F) 'Magie du rail. 1949'. Montpellier Photo-Vision (F) 'Magie du rail'

1999   Fondation Suisse pour la photographie, Kunsthaus, Zürich (CH) 'Magie und Melancholie. Fotografien 1946-96'

2001   Galerie Commercio, Zürich (CH) 'Irland'

2002  Stiftung für Eisenplastik, Sammlung Dr. Hans Koenig, Zollikon (CH) & James Licini. Galerie des Nikon Image House, Küsnacht/ZH (CH) 'Black & White Nudes' & René Mächler. Paris-Photo, Csaba Morocz Photographies, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris (F) 'René Groebli, oeuvres 1949-1954'

2003  Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco (USA) 'Magic of the Rail'. Maison Robert Doisneau, Gentilly (F) 'Magie du rail' & Serge Clément. Galerie Stasia Hutter, Basel (CH) 'Bewegung'. Galerie deArtis, Zug (CH) 'New York Impressions'. Galerie Stasia Hutter, Basel (CH) 'René Groebli Fotografien'. Foyer Hotel Eden im Park, Klinik Schützen, Rheinfelden (CH)

2004  -2005 Restaurant 'Au premier' Zurich (CH) 'Mensch und Machine'

2005  Focus Fotografie, Burkhard Arnold, Koln (D) 'René Groebli. Fotografien der 40er und 50er Jahre'. Magyar Fotografiai Muzeum, Kecskemét (H) 'René Groebli korai fotografiak 'Magie der Schiene' (1949)' 'Das Auge der Liebe' (1954)'

2006  Galerie Andy Jllien, Zürich (CH) 'Ausgewählte Fotoarbeiten'. Kamera- und Fotomuseum, Leipzig (D) 'Das Auge der Liebe, Magie der Schiene'

2008  Galerie deArtis, Zurich (CH) 'Leben ist bewegung/Life is movement'. Simon Studer Art/gem, Genève (CH) 'Rail Magic'. Birgit Filzmaier, Zurich (CH) Private view 9 'René Groebli, Magie der Schiene, Auge der Liebe, Irland, New York photographien'. Aplanat Galerie für Fotografie, Hmaburg (D) René Groebli, Retrospektive'

2009  Focus Galerie, Burkhard Arnold, Köln (D) 'Retrospektive. 60 Jahre Fotografie'. Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin (D) 'Fotografien 1944-2002'

2012  Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie, Hermance GE (CH) 'Hommage à René Groebli'. Cabinet d'expertise Témoin, Genève (CH) 'René Groebli. Nus'. Galerie Fotografika, Gland (CH) 'René Groebli'. Galerie Carry on, Genève (CH) 'grands formats René Groebli'. 5th Eiropean Month of Photography, Pinter & Milch Galerie für Fotografie, Berlin (D) 'Sitzende Akt'

2013  Artpassions La Galerie, Genève (CH) 'René Groebli photographe'

2014  Photobastei, Zürich (CH) 'Fotos 1946-2002'. Pinter & Milch galerie für fotografie, Berlin (D) 'René Groebli, Vintage - in bewegung seit 1946'. Museum für Gestaltung - Schaudepot Toni-Areal, Zurich (CH) 'René Groebli, Industrie'. Galerie Christophe Guye, Zurich (CH) buch vernissage Das Auge der Liebe

2015  Wehrlenhof Galerie, Dübendorf (CH) 'Fotografien Nudes 1950-2002, People 1955-1965'. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F) 'Magie der schiene & Das Auge der Liebe'. Bildband, Berlin (D) 'Early Work'

2016  Museum im Bellpark, Kriens (CH) 'Magie der schiene'. Bildhalle, Kilchberg (CH) 'Early work'. In focus galerie Burkhard Arnold, Köln (D) 'Early Work, 1945-1955'. Kunstmuseum im Marstall, Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus(D) 'Early Work, 1945-1955'. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F) 'René Groebli, Nudes'. Museum im Schlosspark, Paderborn (D) 'Early Work, fotografien 1945-1955'

2017  Johanna Breede Photokunst, Berlin (D) 'Meine ersten neunzig Jahre'. Kornhausforum, Berne (CH) 'Magie der schiene, fotografen 1949'. Photo Münsingen (CH) 'Nudes'

2018  LVR-Industriemuseum, Zinkfabrik Altenberg, Oberhausen (D) 'Magie der Schiene'

2020-21  Bildhalle, Zurich (CH) 'René Groebli, The Magic Eye'. In Focus galerie, Köln (D) 'Platin palladium prints 1946-2006'. Chaussée 36, Berlin (D) 'Farbzauberer'. Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Heilborn (D) 'Vom neuen Sehen zur Farbfotografie'

2021  Bac/Le Commun, Genève (CH) Lumen & Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie 'René Groenli, Icônes et inédits'

2022  Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F) 'Perspectives'

Collective Exhibitions


1950   IV. Exposition internationale de Photographie, Sala Podestà, Bologna (I)

1951   SUBJEKTIVE FOTOGRAFIE Staatliche Schule für Kunst und Handwerk, Saarbrücken (D)

1952   KUNST UND PHOTOGRAPHIE + THEATER + REPORTAGE Welt-Ausstellung der Photographie, Kunsthaus, Lucerne (CH)


1954-1955  SUBJEKTIVE FOTOGRAFIE 2 Staatliche Schule für Kunst und Handwerk, Saarbrücken (D)

1955   PHOTOGRAPHIE ALS AUSDRUCK 2e exposition de photo du Collège des photographes suisses, Helmhaus, Zürich (CH). THE FAMILY OF MAN MoMA, New York (USA) +

1963   EUROPHOT Photokina '63 Köln (D)


1974   PHOTOGRAPHES SUISSES DEPUIS 1840 A NOS JOURS Kunsthaus, Zürich (CH) + (USA)

1975   Photo expo Stand Nikon, Zürich (CH)

1976-1978  FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY IN EUROPE III Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) + (EUR)


1978   2.Triennale internationale de photographie, Fribourg (CH)

1981   EUROPEAN MUSEUMS COLLECTION Kunsthaus, Zürich (CH) + (EUR). SAMMLUNG O. STEINERT Folkwang Museum, Essen (D). COLLECTION DE LA FONDATION POUR LA PHOTOGRAPHIE SUISSE 111 PHOTOGRAPHIES Stiftung für die Photographie, Kunsthaus, Zürich (CH)

1984-1986  SUBJEKTIVE FOTOGRAFIE (USA) + (D) + (B) + (S)


1989   EROTIQUES Ateliers Fontana, Genève (CH)

1990   LE TRAIN Centre national de la photographie C.N.P. Paris (F). COLLEZIONE FONTANA Centro Maestri Stranieri (I)

1991   VACHE D'UTOPIE Michèle Auer/St Gervais Genève (CH). DIE PHOTOZEITSCHRIFT CAMERA 1922-1981 Schweizerische Stiftung für die Photographie, Kunsthaus, Zürich (CH)

1992   SPRUNG IN DIE ZEIT Berlinische Galerie Museum für Moderne Kunst (D)

1994   84-94 CENTRE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE GENEVE Galleria Gottardo, Lugano (CH) + Grand Passage, Genève (CH) + Riga (LV) +. Fotodiffusion 94, M+M Auer Hermance (CH), Torino (I)

1995   COLLEZIONE DI FOTOGRAFIA SVIZZERA DELLA BANCA DEL GOTTARDO Galleria Gottardo Lugano + Galleria Matasci Tenero + Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Bellinzona (CH)

1996   UNE EXPOSITION POUR ENFANTS Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F). IM KUNSTLICHT Kunsthaus Zürich (CH)


1998   A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS SUSPENDU Musée suisse de l'appareil photographique, Vevey (CH). DU COIN DE L'OEIL LA SUISSE DE 1848 à 1998 Fondation suisse pour la photographie, Zurich (CH)

1999   HISTOIRES D'OEUFS Marion Meyer Paris Photo + Galerie (F)

2000   PAQUES 2 MILLE OEUFS COLLECTION M+M AUER Galerie Photo, Montpellier (F) + Almeria (E) + Budapest (H) + Nyon (CH). LE NU PHOTOGRAPHIE Galerie d'art du Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône, Aix-en-Provence (F) + EL NU FOTOGRAFIC Caixa de Sabadell (E)

2001   LUMIERE ET OMBRES Nikon Image House, Küsnacht (CH)

2002   Paris-Photo, Carrousel du Louvre (F). NEW YORK APRES NEW YORK Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne (CH)

2003   Paris-Photo (F). Fotostiftung Schweiz, Winterthur (CH) 'Fokus 50er Jahre, Yvan Dalain, Rob Gnant und 'Die Woche'. TRAINS Maison Robert Doisneau, Gentilly (F)

2004   COLLECTION M+M AUER UNE HISTOIRE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE Théâtre de la photographie et de l'image, Nice (F). LA COLLECTION M+M AUER, UNE HISTOIRE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE Musée d'art et d'histoire, Genève (CH)

2005  HISTOIRES D'OEUFS COLLECTION M+M AUER Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki (GR). MICHA AUER PHOTOGRAPHE Musée suisse de l'appareil photographique, Vevey (CH). UNA PASION SUIZA COLECCION M.+M. AUER (UNA SELECCION) Fundacio Foto Colectania, Barcelona (E) + 2006 (E)

2006-2007  M+M & FRIENDS 1 Fondation nationale des arts graphiques et plastiques, Maison d'art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur-Marne (F) + (E)

2007  LE MONDE DES OEUFS Musée du Pays et Val de Charmey (CH). M+M COL.LECCIO PASSIO PER LA FOTOGRAFIA Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani, Fundacio Es Baluard, Palma Mallorca (E). LIVRES DE NUS UNE ANTHOLOGIE 1895-2002 Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris (F). REGARDE! DES ENFANTS COLLECTION M+M AUER Photographie Pavillon Populaire, Montpellier (F). SPANISCHBRÖTLIBAHN DIE SCHWEIZ LERNT ZUG FAHREN Historischen Museum, Baden (CH)

2008  !MIRA! LOS NINOS EN LA COLECCION M.+M. AUER Sala 2 del Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijon (E) + Valladolid (E). DARK SIDE I. FOTOGRAFISCHE BEGIERDE UND FOTOGRAFIERTE SEXUALITÄT Fotomuseum, Winterthour (CH). TRAINS Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York (USA)

2009  OLHAR E FINGIR FOTOGRAFIAS DA COLECAO M+M AUER Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo (BR)


2012  FUMEURS Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie Hermance, Art Genève (CH). MOUVANCES OU LES TRIBULATIONS DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DANS LE MONDE DE L'ART 1888-2012 Collection M+M Auer, Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie Hermance, Bac/Le Commun, Genève (CH). SEASCAPES Winter Show 7 Birgit Filzmaier, Zurich (CH)

2013   LIVRES DE PHOTOGRAPHIES Un Musée de papier pour l'image, Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie, Genève (CH). Winter show 8, Birgit Filzmaier, Zurich (CH). THE FAMILY OF MAN THE REOPENING 503 PHOTOGRAPHS BY 253 ARTISTS Clervaux Castle, Luxembourg (L). TITLES & ICONS In Focus Galerie Burkhard Arnold, Köln-Rodenkirchen (D)

2014  10e MOis de la photographie, Moscow (RUS)

2015  DRIVE IN Bildhalle, Kilchberg (CH). TRESORS DE LA FONDATION AUER ORY POUR LA PHOTOGRAPHIE Le Boléro, Versoix (CH). EXPENDED HORIZONS Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich (CH). 21st International Contemporary Art Fair, Zurich (CH). LOVE IS... In Focus Galerie Burkhard Arnold, Köln (D)

2016  VIS-A-VIS Johanna Breede Photokunst, Berlin (D). JEUX D'ENFANCE collection Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie, 19e Biennale internationale de l'image LE JEU, Nancy (F). ALLURE (FRZ STIL, ELEGANZ) Fotografien aus der Collection Susanne von Meiss, Berlin Foundation (D) + Zurich (CH). Paris-Photo (F)

2017  Kyotographie international photography festival (J). Exposition de Noël, Fondation Auer Ory, Hermance (CH). Aipad New York (USA). Art Beirut LIban. Photo-London (GB)

2018  Photo London, Londres (GB). EROS LE NU DANS TOUS SES ETATS Fondation Auer Ory, ArtDynasty Genève (CH). Exposition de Noël, Fondaiton Auer Ory pour la photographie, Hermance (CH).. DE L'ARCHIVE A L'HISTOIRE HOWARD GREENBERG GALLERY Campredon Cnetre d'art, L'Isle-sur-Sorgue (F)

2019  MAGIE DER STILLE Johanna Breede, Photokunst, Berlin (D). AMOUR(S) Arcoop Wall Project & Association Espace JB, Carouge (CH)

2020  EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY Behind Desire Part 1, Chaussée 36, Berlin (D)

2022  Finissage LA VIE de A. R. Katanani, dGalerie Analix Forewer, Chêne Bourg (CH)

Books / Monographies


1949  'Magie der Schiene' Kubus-Verlag, Zürich (CH), poème Albert Ehrismann, introduction Hans Ulrich Gasser (en feuille (4 pages) 14 photos 700 exemplaires de 1 à 700 - bande annonce verte pour quelques exemplaires publicité - 11 francs) + 'Rail Magic' London (GB) (sans le poème de Ehrismann - 300 exemplaires de 701 à 1 000) + 2008 facsimilé, Zurich (CH)

1954  'Das Auge der Liebe' Turnus Verlag, Zürich (CH) (25 photos - 600 exemplaires) + 'The Eye of love' Photography, London (GB), Walter Gort Bischof + 2002 René Groebli, Zurich (CH), Birgit Filzmaier (600 exemplaires) + 2014 Sturm und Drang Publishers, Zurich (CH) (30 photos n/b - 1000 exemplaires) + 2017 'The Eye of love' Sturm & Drang, Zurich (CH), Birgit Filzmaier (300 exemplaires, 32 photos n/b)

1955  pub 'Im Dienste der Tischkultur' Thomi & Franck, Bâle (CH)

1957  pub '50 Jahre Knorr Thayngen' Knorr (CH). '125 Jahre Franz M. Rhomberg. Ein Bilderbuch aus der Welt des Stoffdruckes' Franz M. Rhomberg, Dornbirn (A), Max Strobl (74 ill.)

1958  pub 'Geigy Heute. Jubiläumsschrift zum 200jährigen Bestehen des Geigy-Unternehmens 1958' Geigy (CH). Calendrier 58, Hermes Ltd Zurich (CH). 'Profilo di una Azienda' Geigy S.p.A. Milano (I) (17 couleur). Calendrier 1958, Ciba (CH) (montagne, métiers couleur)

1959  pub 'Calendrier 59' Ciba (CH) (75 ans - fêtes et coutumes)

1960  pub catalogue 'Von innen gesehen. Willkommen in Biberach' Thomae, Biberach (D). 'Calendrier 60' Ciba (CH) (panorama montagnes couleur). Catalogue 'Profilo di una Azienda' Geigy SpA Milano (I). -1961

1961  catalogue pub 'Bei Grieder finden Sie tausend Geschenkideen in den 7 modischen Abteilungen unter einem Dach' Grieder-Geschenkversand (CH). Calendrier 61 'Hermes' limited Zurich (CH) (panoramas montagne village maison couleur)

1962  calendrier 'R. Groebli atelier für Farbfotografie und Film' R. Groebli, Zurich (CH). Catalogue pub '100 Jahre Gugelmann Langenthal' Gugelmann, Langenthal (CH). Calendrier 62 Ciba (CH) (panoramiques eau torrent)

1963  pub catalogue 'Mobag. Wer und was ist die Mobag?' Mobag Immobilien AG, Zurich (CH). (1963c?) pub catalogue 'Vier moderne Berufe' Chemigraphisches Institut AG, Glattbrugg ZH (CH)

1964  calendrier, Turnus Films & R.G. Zurich (CH)

1965  'Variation' Verlag Arthur Niggli, Teufen (CH) + Alex Tiranti, London (GB) + Hastings House Publishers, New York (USA), Aart Klein (NL)

1966  'Zeiss. H. Volkmann 'Wissenschaftler und Ingenieure in den Zeiss Werken' Zeiss (D)

1967  'Perugina Esercizio 1966' Perugina, Perugia (I), maquette Studi CH. Andrès Lausanne

1968  calendrier 1968, Bauer Ltd. Manchester (GB) (paysage, paysage urbain couleur). Annual Report 68, Leasco Data Processing Equipment Corp. New York (USA)

1970  'Pigments and Geigy' Manchester (GB) Edmund Amstad (Groebli & couverture). 'Ciba-Geigy Limited Annual report 1970' Ciba-Geigy (CH) (6 couleur) + 'Ciba-Geigy Rapport de gestion' Bâle (CH)

1971  'Variation 2' Arthur Niggli AG (CH) +(GB) + (USA) + Horst A. Rischka. Catalogue 'Fotos für die Werbung' René Groebli, Zurich (CH). 1971(CH) 'Überlegen bauen' Züblin Generalunternehmung, Zürich (CH) (7 photomontages couleur)

1973  calendrier 1973, CIba-Geigy (CH) (portraits, mi/nu couleur)

1974  'Ciba-Geigy in United KIngdom' Ciba-Geigy (GB)

1975  calendrier 1975 Ciba-Geigy (CH) (portraits couleur)

1978  'Fantasies' Groebli + Images Gallery, New York (USA) + Galerie Portfolio, Lausanne (CH) + Verlag Laterna Magica, München (D), Professor J. Hennessy, London (GB) (47 photos couleur). pub 'Ciba-Geigy' Ciba-Geigy Corporation Ardsley, NY (USA)

1980  'Odysseas Elytis 'Gepriesen sei'- Nobel Preis für Literatur 1979' Coron Verlag, Zürich (CH) (8 montages surréalistes couleur)

1984  album 'Die Muschel' Groebli (CH), Rolf Sachsse (69 exemplaires, 47 photos originales)

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Collective Publications


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Press / Magazines


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1960  Color Photography Annual (USA)

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Films / Videos


1962  film pub 'Volswagen'

1968  diaporama Photokina 68 'Carousel Vision' Kodak-Carousel S AV-Projektoren (40) 20 écrans, CTR/Creative team Rischka, Stuttgart, musique Boris Jojic Munich, Electrosonic Ltd. Londres

1969  multivision 'Vitamine A'

1971  multivision 'Roche au travail'

2007  DVD 'Magie aus dre Dunkelkammer - Der Fotograf René Groebli' Phil Dänzer

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