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Denis Freppel "Architectures and other horizons"

Personal exhibition of French photographer Denis Freppel realized by the Auer Ory Photo Foundation at Hermance, Switzerland. Pictures of reportages, Los Angeles classic and modern architectures and shipwrecks in Brittany, France.

From 18 January to 13 May 2018.



Collective Le Gac Monography - Jean Pleinemer

This narrative of an artist’s life, of a blue-collar dandy, reflected in his name Jean Le Gac can be seen documented, photographed and labeled “Work in Progress”. A collective of professional artists does not wish to “retire” him by easily falling into the age trap. These artists are innovators whose vision often surpasses their time. The History of Art has not always been kind to the “avant-gardists”. Enough tears for now!

The road of this art consists originally of two large showcased volumes, handmade let’s say “at home”, a one-of-a-kind monograph, unpublishable given its global ambitions, which far exceeds the cannons of traditional publishing. Today you can see the entire work in facsimile.

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The Monography
Editions Fondation Auer Ory, hardcover,
440 pages, 24,1 x 30,65 cm

Price: Sfr 135


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The Monography
Editions Fondation Auer Ory
Hardcover, 440 pages, 24,1 x 30,65 cm
Signed, numbered 1/100

Price: Sfr 220


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Grand Master


The Monography, Editions Fondation Auer Ory
Hardcover, 440 pages, 24,1 x 30,65 cm
Signed, numbered I-XV with a 20x25 cm silver print
signed and numbered I-XV also

Price: Sfr 720


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