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from 1988






Brazil, United States




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1957  born 13 June in Lisbon, Portugal

1980  free lance photographer, she lives in New York

1986s  curious about what makes a photograph work and also about how to develop film and prints negatives, she decides to enroll in a photo course but cannot afford to buy a camera. She mentions this to a friend who then offers to sell to her one of her old cameras for a very reasonable price. It is a fully manual Olympus camera with a 50mm lenses. 'The first photos I took, and all the process of developing and printing myself felt like total magic'

1987  she participates in her first group show (PS 1 in NY)

1990-2006  she publishes in: Interview Magazine, Le Monde, B&W Magazine (Merit Award), Architectural Digest, Expresso, The New York Times, Fortune, GQ, Nouvel Observateur, Newsweek (on line gallery), New York Magazine, Publico, GEO, Daily News, Marie Claire, Vogue Italy, Zoom, El Mundo, US magazine, Manhattan File (winner of best photo for Manhattan Going Out Guide), Details

1992-  since 1992, she has a number of solo exhibitions

1998-1999  grant from the Ministerio da Cultura/ Centro Portugues de Fotografia

1999  publication of 'Fifteen Years Chelsea Hotel', an intimate photographic look at the residents of the famous Chelsea Hotel in NY. Gives a conference at Associacao Portuguesa de Arte Fotografica,APAF, and Centro de Arte e Comunicacao Visual, AR.co. Portugal. She receives a grant from Fundacao Luso Americana

1999-2000  she receives a grant from Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian and Pell Grant/Hesc Grant

2000  participates in the Biennial of Cascais in Portugal. Lecture and booksigning at Cooper Union, NY and Barnes & Nobles on 6th Avenue, NY

2001  B.A. in Photography from SUNY (State University of New York). She participates on 2001 Oporto European Capital of Culture, Portugal. She gives a lecture at ESTGAD, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

2002  gives a lecture at Cadeia da Relação, Centro Português de Fotografia in Porto, Portugal. She receives a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts

2007  she is selected by Photo Espana 07 for the exhibition 'Descubrimientos' (emerging talents) at the Contemporary Art Museum of Madrid

2007  M.A. in Art in Media, Studio Art from New York University/International Center of Photography

2009  participates in Paris Photo 09 and is included in Au Feminin (a history of women photographers since 1850) at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Paris. She gives a conference at Associação Portuguesa de Arte Photgraphica, APAF, Portugal

2010  participates in Paris Photo 10. She says about photography: 'I suppose it has to do with magic. It is thrilling to see frozen in film fleeting moments, also to be able to translate an idea into a visual form'

2011  continues to develop her project of hand-made books containing her photos

Personal Exhibitions


1992  Encontros de Coimbra, Coimbra (P) 'Hotel Chelsea' (catalogue)

1998  Secretaria Estado Cultura, Curitiba (BR) 'Os Meus Vizinhos em Nova Iorque'

1999  Galeria 111, Lisboa (P) '15 Anos no Chelsea Hotel'

2000  Bienal de Cascais (P) 'Olhar Para o Infinito' (catalogue) Galeria 111, Porto (P) '15 Anos no Chelsea Hotel'

2001  Galeria 111, Porto (P) 'Room 1008'. Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Museum, Havana (C) 'Chelsea Hotel'

2002  Cadeia da Relação, Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto (P) 'Um Ano Depois'

2003  Centro de Artes, Figueira da Foz (P) (catalogue) 'Um Ano Depois'

2006  80 Washington Square East Galleries, NY (USA) 'Presence of Absence'

2008  Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa (P) (catalogue) 'Presença da Ausência'

2009  Casa da Cerca Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Almada (P) (catalogue) 'Wall.'

2010  Ermida N.Sra da Conceição (P) (catalogue) 'The Last Cigarette'. Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa (P) (catalogue) '3 x 3'

Collective Exhibitions


1987  Photography and the Comunity, PS 1, NY (USA)

1988  Expressions in Photojournalism, 20/20 Gallery, NY (USA)

1992  16th Competition and exhibition, 80 Washington Square East Galleries, juror:Arnold Glimcher from Pace Gallery (USA)

1996  Anti-Mitos Urbanos, Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Sao Paulo (BR)

1998  HOMES AND BUILDINGS, Vibrant Gallery, SoHo, NY (USA) SILVER/GOLD, Vibrant Gallery, SoHo, NY (USA) BLACK/ORANGE, Vibrant Gallery, SoHo, NY (USA) CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY OF IBERO-AMERICA, Washington Center Washington DC, Representing Portugal (USA)

1999  BIENAL DE VILA FRANCA DE XIRA (P) (catalogue) LisBoa, LisMa, 3rd prize award (P) ROCK'N'ROLL, (window display). Magidson Fine Arts, NY (USA) ARTES DE OUTRAS PARTES, Museu da Agua, Mae D'Agua, Lisboa (P) (catalogue)

2000  PERSONAL JOURNEY, Empire Gallery, NY (USA) SNAPSHOT, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore (USA) (CD-Rom catalogue) 23RD COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION, 80 Washington Square East Galleries, juror Tricia (USA)

2001  TRIBUTO A NOVA IORQUE, Paços do Municipio,Lisboa (P) (catalogue) 21ST SUFRAGETTES, Magnifik Gallery, Williamsburg,NY(USA) INTERMEDIANIGHT - Slide show - The Cooler, NY (USA) AUTO-RETRATOS, Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Sao Paulo (BR)

2002  50 FOTOGRAFOS PORTUGUESES DOS ANOS 50 A ACTUALIDADE, Museu de Serralves (P) (catalogue) MIRROR AT THE BOTTOM, Le Musee di-Visioniste, an online exhibit LIFE OF THE CITY, MOMA, NY (USA) REACTIONS, Exit Art, NY (USA)

2003  9 WOMEN IN THE SAME COAT, Briggs Robinson Gallery, NY (USA) FOCUS ON FIVE PORTUGUESE PHOTOGRAPHERS, Dana Library, Rutgers University, NJ (USA)

2004  HEARTBREAK HOTEL, project room, Flash Art Fair, Milano (I) BEYOND COMPARE WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS ON BEAUTY, Lifefest, Toronto (CA) (catalogue)

2006  ICP/NYU 20 YEARS IN, International Center of Photography, NY (USA) HERE WAS NEW YORK, Brooklyn Arts Council, NY (USA) SELECOES DA COLECAO PORTUGAL TELECOM, Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Évora (P) (catalogue)

2007  PHOTO ESPANA, Descubrimientos,Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Madrid (E) HERE IS NY : REMEMBERING 9/11, NY Historical Society, NY (USA)

2008  #2 BES ART, Coleção de Arte do Banco Espirito Santo. Lisboa (P) CHELSEA HOTEL THROUGH THE EYES OF PHOTOGRAPHERS, Chelsea Hotel, NY (USA)

2009  AU FEMININ, Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris (F) (catalogue) PENTE 100, Galeria Pente 10, Lisbon (P) PARIS PHOTO, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (F) NO LONGER EMPTY, Chelsea Hotel, New York (USA) GOSTO DE MULHERES, Galeria Arade, Portimão (P) LA FORA, Museu da Electricidade, EDP, Lisboa (P) (catalogue)

2010  ARTIST BOOK INTERNATIONAL 9, Centre Pompidou, Paris (F) PARIS PHOTO, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (F)

2011  PHOTOGRAPHY NOW 2011 Center for Photography at Woodstock, New York (USA) curated by Vince Aletti OBRAS DA COLECCAO DO MUNICIPIO DE ALMADA Armazem das Artes, Alcobaça (P) AN EXCHANGE WITH SOL LEWITT, MASS MoCA, Massachussets (USA)

Books / Monographies


1999  'Fifteen Years Chelsea Hotel' Camara Municipal de Lisboa/Cultura (P) with texts by Gerard Schreiner, José Gil, Arnold Weinstein, Gerard Malanga and Taylor Mead

2003  catalogue 'Um Ano Depois' Centro de Artes Figueira da Foz (P) with introduction by Tereza Siza e Maria do Carmo Serém

2008  catalogue 'Presença da Ausência' Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa, (P) with texts by Rene Ricard and Jorge Calado

2009  catalogue 'Wall' Casa da Cerca Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Almada (P) with texts by Rene Ricard and José Marmeleira

2010  catalogue '3 x 3' Galeria Pente 10, Lisboa (P) with text by Antonio Calpi catalogue 'The Last Cigarette' Ermida N.Sra da Conceição (P) with texts by Francesca Serra and Jorge Calado

Collective Publications


1992  catalogue 'Hotel Chelsea' Encontros de Coimbra, Coimbra (P)

1997  catalogue 'Contemporary Photography of Ibero America' Washington DC (USA)

1999  catalogue 'Bienal 9 – Vila Franca de Xira' (P) catalogue 'Artes de Outras Partes', Museu da Agua, Mae D'Agua (P) 'BESart Banco Espirito Santo Collection – The Present: An Infinite Dimension'

2000  catalogue 'Olhar Para o Infinito' Bienal de Cascais (P) CD-Rom catalogue 'Snapshot' Contemporary Museum, Baltimore (USA)

2001  catalogue 'Tributo a Nova Iorque' Paços do Municipio, Lisboa (P) catalogue 'Espelho de Artista', edited by Katia Canton (BR)

2002  catalogue '50 Fotógrafos Portugueses dos Anos 50 à Actualidade' Museu de Serralves (P)

2004  'Extension of the Eye' - from the collection of the Foundation PLMJ, edited by Miguel Amado catalogue 'Beyond Compare: Women Photographers on Beauty' (CDN)

2006  'Acreditar' from the collection of the Foundation PLMJ catalogue 'Arte Contemporânea Portuguesa: Obras da Coleção Portugal Telecom' Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Évora (P)

2007  'Anamnese: Portuguese Art from 1993-2003', edited by Miguel Van Hafe Pérez

2009  catalogue 'Lá Fora' Museu da Electricidade, EDP, Lisboa (P) with introduction by João Pinharanda catalogue 'Au Féminin' Centre Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris (F) with text by Jorge Calado

Press / Magazines


1991  Sabado (P) 11 November, p. 64-65

1992  Expresso (P) 11 November, p. 14. Sete (P) 7 November, p.37. Jornal de Letras (P) November, p. 8-9

1993  Cosmopolitan (P) August, p. 84-85. The Chelsea, documentary by Doris Chase shown at MOMA and PBS (USA)

1994  Japanese TV (J) documentary on the Chelsea Hotel. O Mundo Portugues, NY (USA) October, cover and p. 14-15

1996  Jornal da Tarde, Sao Paulo (BR) 13 August, p.1. Folha de Sao Paulo (BR) 13 and 16 August, p. 9. Jornal da USP, Sao Paulo (BR) 12-18 August, p. 16, 19-25 August, p. 15. Veja (BR) 14 August, p. 82. Metropolis, Canal 13 (BR) August. Elle (P), November, p. 40

1997  Luso Americano, NJ (USA) 17 February, p.11-13. Vogue (BR), October, p.89

1998  Luso Americano, NJ (USA) 20 May, p. 18. TV, Festival Fin de Siècle (B). Radio Frankfurt (D). Gazeta Mercantil (BR) 25 November, p. 10

1999  Journal de Dimanche (F) 1 October, p.24. TV5, Taxi Americain (F). Expresso (P), 13 November, p. 11. Expresso (P) 4 December, p. 22. Independente (P) 10 December, p. 4, 12-16. Luso Americano, NJ (USA), 17 December, p. 15. RTP-TV, Acontece (P) December. City, Arte City, Lisboa (P). A Capital, Lisboa (P) 22-26 November, p. 6

2000  Time Out, 17-24 February, p. 8. Mundo Vip, Sic TV, 22 July

2001  Gotham TV, Metro, April. Revista Quincenal Cuba-Foto (C) 15-30 June. SIC Jornal 24 horas, 20 September. Diario Digital.pt 3 October

2002  Jornal de Letras (P) 17-30 October. Maxima, February, p.35-36. Diario de Noticias 12 September, p. 40. Expresso, Cartaz, 17 September. Expresso, Revista, 14 September, p.14-15. Publico, 15 September

2004  RTP Internacional 21 March

2005  Expresso, Unica, 7 October, p.18. Publico, Mil Folhas, 'A expansao do Real', 2 December

2006  RTP Internacional, Interview, 9 January. Expresso, Unica, 28 January, p.20-21. Diario de Noticias, 11 September, p. 4-5 especial. Jornal Arquitectos # 224, November, p.20

2008  Publico, 2 page portfolio, 20 November, P2-p. 6-7. Time Out, Lisboa (P), Em Foco, 19-25 November, p.37. Arte Photographica 13 November

2009  Arte Photographica, Tres Perguntas, 17 March. PhOTO-Hors Serie nr.8, June. Le Figaro - Au Feminin 7 January. Grazia.fr, 'The Last Cigarette' 4 August. Liberation, La Photo Tient Salon à Paris, diaporama, November. Flair 'Una Storia Sensa Uomini', 29 September, p. 454. RTP International, Interview at Paris Photo, November.

2010  RTP 17 July: Portuguese Pelo Mundo. Radio Clube Interview 7 June

Fundação BES (P); Banco Espirito Santo Collection (P); Portugal Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Serralves, Porto(P); PT Comunicações Portugal Telecom (P); Fundação PLMJ (P); Museu da Cidade, Lisboa (P); New York Public Library, NY (USA); Banco Totta & Acores, NY (USA); Permanent Portuguese Mission to the United Nations, NY (USA); Casa de Las Americas, Havana (C); Wilfredo Lam Museum of Contemporary Arts, Havana (C); Museu de Arte Contemporanea de São Paulo (BR); Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto (P)


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