Anna BAK

Photo Micha Auer




Italy, Switzerland

Period of activity:

from 1979


creation, floral, still-life, landscape, portrait, sociology


collage, color, black & white, processes


Germany, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, United States, France, Greece, Hungary, Eire (lreland), Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Mali, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey




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1936  born Anna Lisa Cantoni, 4 January in Rome, Italy

1952  baccalaureate at the Lycée Chateaubriand (lycée français of Rome). Buys a Zeiss Ikon to take souvenir photos during a trip to Morocco

1953-1955  studies political science in Paris

1955-1958  studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris

1959  marries Samuel Bak, artist painter

1960  birth of Daniela

1962  birth of Ilana

1971  birth of Mikhal

1979  since 1979, she starts to photograph more and more, and gradually replaces her work as a sculptor with photography. She takes advice from professional photographers such as Ioram Rubin, Micha Bar-Am (IL), Beni Karmazine (F) with whom she learns to make prints from the color negative and Roberto Cavanna (I) with whom she learns to make prints from cibachrome

1983  completely abandons sculpture

1984-1985  series, 'Beaubourg-Reflexions' in color on the radiation of Centre Georges Pompidou

1985-1986  works in color 20 x 30 cm format on poetic graffiti 'Walls and the Mind'

1986  works in color 50 x 70 cm format 'Faded flowers'

1987  portraits and self-portraits (portraits of Israeli artists and writers) which are published in 1988. Separation from her husband

1987-1988  triptych portraits

1992  divorce

1992-1995  series 'Danger' warning signs and fence surrounding the construction sites (large formats, reconstituted landscapes, non-existent)

1994-1998  large Mexican compositions that can be taken apart, glued on wood

1995-1997  series 'Rythms' scaffoldings of construction sites (b/w printed in camayeux of one color)

1995-1998  series 'Serenity' b/w small formats, revealed with a paintbrush (many variations on one negative)

1996  she says: 'I have worked for a long time as a painter and sculptor. Now it's photography which interests me. The most important things for me are color and light, as well as a rigorous composition. In all, the plastic values rather than the documentary side. Like a painter, you can take a picture in all beauty from an insignificant subject. In order to obtain precisely what I want, it seems to me indispensable that I make my prints myself, especially for the color. The link with reality seems essential to me: it is possible to go a long way into the abstract, but personally I do not like going to the limit. It is necessary for me to understand what has been seen, in order to be interested in the way it is seen. Photography is above all, about witnessing (personally) and communication. I am not much interested in technical effects although of course, I respect them in other people's work, but more in the eye behind the camera and the mind behind this eye. There are a thousand ways of seeing the 'truth' or reality. The more there are and the more they are different, the more interesting it is. In short, photography is perhaps a way of speaking about tolerance'.

2000  she goes back to painting. Mixes photography and painting in different series such as 'Ghosts'

2010  'Metro' digital photos in Stockholm

2014  series, 'Intérieurs: jeux de lumière'

Personal Exhibitions


1973-1988  sculptures (IL) + (USA)

1985  Zavta, Tel Aviv (IL). Bibliothèque municipale, Beer-Sheva (IL). Galerie Debel, Jerusalem (IL). Galerie Pucker, Boston (USA)

1986  Galerie Cour St Pierre, Genève (CH) 'Fleurs Fanées'

1987  Galerie Cour St Pierre, Genève (CH) 'Les murs et l'esprit'. La Bottega dell'Immagine, Roma (I) 'Reflets Beaubourg'

1988  Debel Gallery, Jerusalem (IL)

1994  THE GLAG Ashdod Museum (IL) + (IL)

2014  Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie, Hermance GE (CH) 'Essais 1970-1996'

Collective Exhibitions


1995  Tova Osman Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)

2012  MOUVANCES OU LES TRIBULATIONS DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DANS LE MONDE DE L'ART 1888-2012 Collection M+M Auer, Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie Hermance, Bac/Le Commun, Genève (CH)

Books / Monographies


1988   'Reflections. Portraits and Selfportraits of Israeli Artists' Pragma, Tel Aviv (IL)

2014  'Anna Bak. Essais 1970-1996' Carnet n° 8, Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie, Hermance GE (CH) & texte + Michèle Auer (300 exemplaires dont 100 n° et signés pour les Amis M+M)

Collective Publications


1992  'Auer index des photographes de 1839 à nos jours' Editions Camera Obscura, Hermance (CH) & Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris (F)

1997  'Cd-Rom des photographes des débuts à nos jours' Ides et Calendes, Neuchâtel (CH), Michèle + Michel Auer

2012  catalogue 'Mouvances ou les tribulations de la photographie dans le monde de l'art, 1888-2012. Collection Michèle et Michel Auer' Fondation Auer Ory pour la photographie, Hermance GE (CH), Cäsar Mentz, Philippe L. Gross, Peter Knapp, Alain Fleig, Claude Marie Maillard, Michèle Ory Auer

Press / Magazines


2014  Rive gauche magazine Vesenaz (CH) n° 15/automne/hiver: exposiiton Anna Bak. Tribune de Genève (CH) 2 dec

Rose Museum Brandes University MA (USA); Beer-Sheva Municipal Library (IL); private collections in Israel, France, USA; Israel Museum Youth Wing Jerusalem (IL), Michèle & Michel Auer Ory Hermance GE...










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